Complaint Policy

Leeds Language Academy strives to make you happy and comfortable during your time here.

However, it is not always possible to make everybody happy at the same time. In these situations, to solve your problems as quickly and effectively as possible, you should:

  • Know that the staff evaluation forms are the primary and most important ways of forwarding your complaints to us. These forms do not only deal with staff issues, but also with general management problems.
  • Even though we prefer the complaints to be made on paper for proof of evidence and later reference, you can also make your complaints verbally if it is something to be solved easily or is a simple issue.
  • If you want to make a complaint about any issue without waiting for the response to a staff evaluation form, regarding welfare problems, you are asked to contact the administrator in the reception area first.
  • If it will make you feel more comfortable, you can also make your complaint directly at any time. The door of the Principal is always open for you to voice any concerns. You can come at any time regarding any issue.
  • You can also send your complaint via email to [email protected]
  • If you feel the school has not handled your complaint to your satisfaction, a complaint can be made through our external adjudicators:

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