Course Information


Course dates Enrol on any Monday, except for holidays.

For our term dates, please see our calendar.


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Taught hours per week  

21 hours 


English levels  

Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1)

* please see note below about the minimum number of enrolled students


Minimum booking  

2 weeks


Maximum class size  



Minimum enrollment age  



Private study  

Students are expected to do one hour’s homework/self-study per day.




Minimum student enrollment

Our courses are available subject to a minimum of 3 enrolled students.


Course Objectives

Our IELTS Preparation course is designed to prepare students for the General and Academic IELTS exam, through developing exam techniques.  Students have a greater chance of success in the IELTS exam if they are prepared for the exam’s format, structure and common areas of language.  

Our course covers all four sections of the exam; speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Our teachers will help you to develop your exam skills and strategies, as well as giving practice of tests under exam conditions.  Teachers will also provide personalised feedback on practice tests and of your personal progress.




Our IELTS preparation course is suitable for students who want to gain admission to higher education in the U.K.  The course is aimed at Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (C1) level students, who want to achieve a 5.5 – 7 IELTS score.


If you are a new Leeds Language Academy student, you will need to take our Quick Placement Test (a multiple choice test of basic grammar and vocabulary), complete a writing task and have a short interview to assess your level.  Students must be at a minimum of Intermediate (B1) level to join the IELTS Preparation course. The speaking interview can be completed on Skype ahead of time, but the written task must be completed in person.


Homework and Assessment

Students are expected to do one hour of homework/self-study each day.  Practice tests are given once a week.