Please see PDFs below:


Admission Policy +

Anti-Bullying Policy +

Attendance and Absence Policy +

Child Protection Policy +

Complaints Policy +

Computer Use Policy +

Curriculum Policy +

Discipline and Exclusion Policy +

Disruption to international travel or force majeure +

Equality Policy +

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Holiday Policy for Students

Leaving a course temporarily at short notice

Leaving Policy for Students

Leisure Programme Policy

Lessons +

Moving class or level +

Payments +

Personal Harassment and Bullying Policy +

Postponing a course, late arrival on a course

Publicity and Photos & Videos Policy

Resources Policy for Students

School Closure and Bank Holidays +

School Rules +

Smoking Policy +

Social Activities Policy +

Student Progression +

Student Satisfaction +

Student Welfare +

Syllabus Policy +

Teaching and Learning Programme +