Roberta Razzano from Italy

Hello. I’m Roberta Razzano from Italy.
I have chosen Leeds because my best friend lives here with her family, I Knew the Yorkshire and I loved it but I didn’t know Leeds and I was surprised by the things that the city offers. The centre of the city is easy to reach by buses, that are many and timely.
In the centre there are many shops in old buildings, beautiful arcades and little, characteristic alleys.
There are different parks in which it is possible to run, to play volleyball, to do yoga and to meet new people that here are friendly, and it is important, especially if you don’t know very well the place.

I’ve chosen Leeds Academy by internet, because it is near the centre and near the student accommodation in which I live now and I’m very happy to find this school. In my course there are students from different places, very nice boys and girls, and I’ve immediately developed good relationships.

The two teacher who I had, Alex and Suzie, they are great and very funny; the hours with them pass quickly, because the lesson are always different and challenging.

I was lucky to find a city and a school so pleasant.

Khaled, from Libya

Hi, I’m Khaled, a 40 year old electrical engineer from Libya. I’ve just finished studying at pre-intermediate and now I am starting an Intermediate course.

In England there is a chance to learn and improve your English better than any other place. For instance, there is a chance to communicate with a large number of people who speak English.

However, there are some challenges. For example, most of the people in the street speak very fast and they speak different accent. As a result, you cannot understand most of them when they explain something for you. In addition, they speak informal language.

Although there are some negative points that I mentioned above, there are several opportunities to speak, listen and improve your English language.

Hanane from Belgium

Hi, I’m Hanane from Belgium. I studied at Leeds Language Academy for 1 month. It was a very welcoming school which proposed a variety of activities to the students. They have a creche and a minibus for example.

Leeds is a great city where you can go shopping, eat different kinds of food, meet people from everywhere, and best of all, you can be in the countryside in 15 minutes by car. If you like nature and greenery, you will enjoy it because there are a lot of parks and beautiful landscapes in the area.

Also, if you like Indian food, there are many restaurants to choose from. The three best restaurants are Akhbar’s, Mumtaz and Aagrah. The food is really great!

The general atmosphere is good in Leeds and if you are willing to learn, there are many universities and colleges at your disposal. Anyway, whatever you do, I’m sure you will not have the time to be bored because there is always something to do.

Jonathan, from Taichung, Taiwan

Hi, I’m Jonathan, I’m from Taichung which is a city located in the middle of Taiwan. I’ve been studying English in Leeds for 11 months.

Studying English in Britain was a good opportunity for me. At the beginning, I could’t speak English fluently. However, I’ve now improved because I’m surrounded by native speakers and lots of international students from all over the world. I have to speak English all the time, recently my listening and speaking have been improving quite a lot, so in my opinion I think living in England has been a great advantage to me.

I love Leeds because it has lots of activities to do, like shopping, clubbing and nice pubs to chill out after school. Living in Leeds is relaxing and enjoyable. Beside these there are also museums, art galleries, an old abbey and parks.

Leeds Language Academy was definitely the best decision and if anyone is looking for an English language school, I’d definitely recommend Leeds Language Academy.

Maria, from Madrid, Spain

Hi! I’m Maria, a 15 years old, from the beautiful city of Madrid,

Spain. I came to Leeds because my brother lives here and it’s a good opportunity to improve my English.

The academy is such a great place! The teachers and the people are really friendly and you can learn English in a fun way. One of my favourites things about Leeds is that you never get bored because it’s full of activities.

In the 3 weeks that I have been here I met lovely British and international people, I went to many different restaurants, I went to the cinema, bowling, to a picnic, I played tennis, I did yoga… My last recommendation would be that you shouldn’t be shy and you have to try to speak always in English even if you make errors, because that is the only way to learn English.

If you come enjoy it and I wish you luck with the weather.

Alaa from Muscat , Oman

Hello I’m Alaa from Muscat the capitol of Oman .I will be in England for 3 months to study English.

I’ve studied for one month and half so far. I like Leeds because there are many friendly people who I can speak to and there are many activities which make me practice English language.

I met an old women in the library and she wanted to learn Arabic… so she teaches me English and I teach her Arabic. I think it’s good to meet with local people.

I’ve been to many places in England like Scarborough, Halifax and Harrogate. There are many great places.

I’ve also been to Wakefield in West Yorkshire which has wonderful places to go. I went to paint balling, it was amazing to go there. I enjoyed it, it was like fighting. I wish to live my whole life in England, it is my second love after Oman.

Iñigo Puerta, San Sebastian , Spain

I’ve been in Leeds for a couple of weeks and I’ve seen some beautiful things, but what I like most is that while the city centre looks like any other city centre (with a lot of shops, people etc.) the rest of Leeds looks like a town (peaceful, quiet, with a lot of trees and green places.

A nice place to live or be for a while!!!!!